Volunteer opportunities

There are three (3) principal ways to support the Vision and Mission of the Gaines Park Tennis Association. That is through the sacrificial giving of your Time, your Talents and your Treasure.

Please consider Volunteering your Time and your Talents to help give underserved kids in our community a “hand-up” so that they can elevate themselves and become productive citizens that grow up to make a meaningful difference in the community. Your investment/engagement in the youth of this community will pay dividends beyond dollars and cents. Please take a moment to discuss with us the Volunteer opportunities that are available to you.

How much time will i need to invest?

We are cognizant that most people live busy lives and so how much time you invest depends upon how much time you and have to give. We are flexible and would love the opportunity to formulate a volunteer work schedule that fits your specific needs. Please reach out to us via our Volunteer Interest Form or call the GPTA office (561) 810-0772 to speak with of our Volunteer Coordinators.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Court assistants

Volunteers are needed to help our coaching staff manage our Clinic, Practice and Competitive Play.  These dedicated volunteers will help us with registration, attendance, phone calls, observations of our safety protocols, and other duties as assigned by our coaching staff that will assure that our kids have a great experience.

Clerical/administrative assistants

Clerical Assistants – Volunteers are needed to help with the administrative functions of the organization to include answering phone calls, responding to inquiries regarding GPTA, light office work, help with our monthly newsletter and other clerical duties as assigned by the GPTA Chairman and/or Operations Chair.

Social media content management

Volunteers are needed to help develop, and implement a social media marketing strategy for the organization.  These persons should have some knowledge of social media algorithms and effective content creation strategies.

Grant writers

Fund raising is an essential part of every successful non-profit.  We as most non-profit organizations are in need of grant funding opportunities that will help us to carry out the Mission and Vision of GPTA as well as that of our Baseline & Books Program.

GPTA Help squad

The Help Squad will be an ad-hoc volunteer group that will help the coaching staff, administrative staff or the Baseline & Program Director with special events.  They will also fill in when there is a volunteer shortage for our regularly scheduled programs.